Le Reve "The Dream" Signature Facial

Le Reve "The Dream" Signature Facial

Experience the Le Reve "The Dream" Signature Facial at Le Reve Spa Santa Barbara

Picture this, as you come into Le Reve Spa Santa Barbara you feel instant relaxation. It becomes Pavlovian upon visiting. When you lay on a Le Reve Spa table, you take a slow deep breath in... 1... , 2 ... , 3 ... and then out 3 ... , 2 ... , ... 1. Your stresses begin to escape with each inhale and exhale moving from this point on. While you are slowly zoning off into your happy place, we massage your head and scalp. We lay down two warm floral water eye pads on your eyelids. The sweet floral fragrance assists you in drifting off to a blissful state. Once the eye pads are placed, we start applying a stimulating exfoliating polish onto your hands and lower arms as well as your lower legs and feet. This vigorous body polish not only feels amazing, but it also physically removes a lot of build up of dead skin and impurities utilizing ground walnut shell. 

"Aside from the benefits of the physical polish application walnut shell has to offer you have an additional exfoliating benefit. This is because walnut shell is a great source of lactic acid. Lactic acid works to eat away at dead skin over time with or without utilizing a physical exfoliating method added. This is great news for your hands, lower arms and legs, and feet which are left "baby soft" following this treatment."_Le Reve Skincare Specialist and Chemist, Bridgette

Take another deep breath in ... 1... , 2 ... , 3 ... and out 3 ... , 2 ... , 1 ... Feel the pressure of our hands onto your temples, and feel the warm brush on your skin as we cleanse your face. Feel the brush glide onto your skin in a synchronize almost hypnotic motion. Using warm sponges to remove the cleanser, we then analyze your skin to identify your skin type and condition. After our skin analysis we do our second cleanse. This helps penetrate deeper into your pores to continue to remove any impurities your skin may have.

Afterward, we exfoliate your face, neck, and décolleté to help soften and remove any dead skin. As you lay there relaxing, we provide you a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage. You continue to drift while listening to the calming spa music coupled with the relaxing white noise provided by our fountains and our historic maple floors . Upon removing your exfoliant, our esthetician will begin to prep your skin for treatment. During this time a calming facial massage is applied to help the skin continue to break down impurities and prepare the skin for what comes next. 

Quick side note; "A great facial massage helps to increase circulation of red oxygenated blood flow which helps in the refortification process of any skincare regimen. Increased red oxygenated blood flow works like a phenomenal delivery system to transport to our cells vital nutrients that benefit skin's health and overall appearance. Specific massage techniques like lymphatic and acupressure also assists in detoxifying the skin, decreasing inflammation, and increasing collagen production. "_Le Reve Spa Skincare Specialist and Chemist, Bridgette

See more benefits of manipulation of vascular reactivity and blood flow when provided facial massage by Elselvier, "Complimentary Therapies in Medicine" ...

During this time, if you are like most of our guests, you may have nodded off. While you are in a state of cloud nine your skin is treated with a series of masks designed to meet your specific skin care needs. 

Once the appropriate time has passed per treatment application, we remove it using a hot compress treated with hydrating essence to help groom the skin. Your skin is then rehydrated and conditioned with the proper serums and moisturizers.  We gently wake you up before we step out by having you breath in 1 ... , 2 ... , 3 ... , and out 3 ... , 2 ... , 1 ... While welcoming you back to the day you are offered cool fresh water to help further rehydrate you. 

     All of our facials are great, but the Le Reve "The Dream" Signature Facial has to be one of my favorites to give. One big reason is, you get pampered on not only your face, neck, and décolleté, but you are also tackles of on your hands and feet which at times get neglected. You come out of this service rehydrated feeling like a brand new person and feeling ready to take on the day.

Thank you for joining us on this virtual experience of our Le Reve "The Dream" Signature Facial. We hope to see you in person soon in person!

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Eminence Organic Skin Care Stone Crop Hydrating Mist 

Eminence Organic Skin Care Stone Crop Hydrating Mist at Le Reve Spa Santa Barbara


      If you haven't familiarized yourself with the wonderful organic skin care at Le Reve Spa Santa Barbara there is no better time than the present. Today I would like to highlight the Stone Crop Hydrating Mist by Eminence Organic Skin Care. The Stone Crop Hydrating Mist is meant for daily use and provides a plethora of hydration and healing elements that leave you ready to take on anything the day may throw at you. The green tea component graces your skin with instant rejuvenation, making it wonderful for on the go. Anytime you feel you may need a complexion refresh throughout the day, simply re-apply.

    The Eminence Organic Skin Care Stone Crop Hydrating Mist is one of my personal favorites of this skin care line. With only a few sprays daily, my skin never looked better. Great hydration and instant refreshment were what won me over when trying this product. Personally, I focus the spritz towards my forehead and chin areas, where I had the most hyper-pigmentation from acne, and within a couple weeks of use I seen great diminishment! Day by day, I was feeling more confident and comfortable in my skin.

    Now that my acne scars have greatly reduced, I mostly use the spray whenever the Sun and heat begin to dull and dry my skin. It is one of my top beach and tanning essentials. Make sure to still apply your SPF! Adding to that, I realized that it helps me tremendously with white cast from different sunscreens I use, so if you have darker skin it is a great product to have on hand when it comes to your SPF leaving a noticeable residue.

    My mother was the one to recommend this product to me, and now I recommend it to all of my friends. They love sneaking a few spritz of mine when we go to the beach together. Stop by Le Reve Spa Santa Barbara and allow us to introduce you to your new favorite hydrating mist. 

Stay relaxed beautiful.

_Le Reve OrganicSpa and Boutique Spa Coordinator, Olivia

Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique

21 W Gutierrez St Santa Barbara Ca 93101



Mind and Body Facial

Mind and Body Facial at Le Reve Spa

Do you seek a new beginning in and out? If you seek fresh skin and fresh start the Mind and Body Facial is calling your name! This 90 minute service is set in motion by hot stone therapy and full body chakra cleansing. To welcome your body to the alignment/cleansing of your energy centers, hot stones will be placed on upper back and palms. The application of hot stones welcomes a sense of peace around you and liberation from muscular tension. 

We will flow into your chakra cleansing from that point. Chakra cleansing releases you from negative energy and emotional blockage that hold you from physically and emotionally flourishing into the best version of yourself. Receiving chakra cleansing is a wonderful way for you to take care of you mind, body, and sprit. Blocked chakra can manifest as fear, stress, anxiety, overthinking, closed mind, self-doubt, and disruption of your meaningful relationships. When your energy centers are cleansed the path to positive change is illuminated! 

Once your centers are cleansed and the positive flow of energy passes over you, our highly trained esthetician performing your service will flow seamlessly into your facial. You have shown your mind, body and spirit self love and now it's time for your highly trained esthetician to show your skin the love it deserves.


Beginning with a double cleanse incorporating the use of Clarisonic brush, your skin will receive the most thorough cleanse to begin your new journey. Double cleansing allows for a “fresh canvas”, allowing Eminences glorious products to penetrate deeply into your skin to maximize benefits.

Following with exfoliation proceeding to first mask where your service provider will release the stress held within your neck and upper back. Your services provider will then perform impurity removal. Once your skin is relieved from imperfections lymphatic drainage facial massage will be seamlessly preformed, followed by a second mask. 

While your skin absorbs the final mask hot stone massage will be incorporated which aids in the release of toxins held within. The application of eye cream, lip care, appropriate moisturizer, and SPF will revitalize your natural beauty. 

Your service provider will say goodbye to your body by relieving muscular tension held by your feet, so you may walk on this new path of life with ease. Allow us to begin your new journey filled with peace and positivity! 

Care for your skin, care for your life - Katelyn, Le Reve Esthetician 

Kathlyn always says "knowledge is power" and she walks the walk! Katelyn is a dual-licensed esthetician with approximately 950 hours of education in skin care and has tutored esthetician students training for their state board examination. Post graduation from both educational institutions she continues to learn and grow her education expanding for you, our guests, her ability to provide sound skincare treatments for all types. Her heart and soul are evident in everything she does as a Le Reve esthetician.  Her ultimate goal as an esthetician is to care and perfect your natural beauty in the most safe and effective way possible. She is also highly knowledgeable in ingredients and the effects they have. Not only does she strive for perfection while giving your skin the love it deserves, but she also will help you curate a skin routine that will help you achieve the goals you desire, providing you with vital information on what external and internal factors are specifically affecting your achieved goals. Allow Kateyn to show you and your skin the love you truly deserve. 

Benefits of Gel Polish at Le Reve Spa

Benefits of Gel Polish

Benefits of Gel Polish from Regina, at Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique 

Hello to Le Reve Spa followers! 

      Regina here. I've been a licensed manicurist for over 35 years. I love working with our guests here at Le Reve and I love what I do. It is always my pleasure to provide each of our visitors with a wonderful experience. So here is a little bit about what I have to offer at Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique in terms of our gel polish options.

     Gel Polish Manicures are great for everyday as well as holidays, travel and special occasions. There are so many fun colours to choose from. With the eco friendly gel polish at Le Reve Spa you'll enjoy having long lasting vibrant polish no matter what colour to decide on. 

Gel Polish in Coble Stone at Le Reve Spa 
Whether you chose french or a soft neutral colour such as Cobblestone to provide a more traditional appearance to your lovely manicure it is sure to last. This shade is a our most recent "go-to" for those who prefer the classic pink manicure. It provides a beautiful blend of that traditional pink manicure color with a lovely mauve-like colour mixed in. Just ask Bridgette at our front desk. This is her favorite!

Ember Gel Polish at Le Reve Spa
We also offer colours like Ember which provides that hip rustic chic vibe to rock this season. This is also my new favorite colour.  It's a softly frosted rust and is neutral enough for everyday with just the right hint of sparkle to it. For evening it goes beautifully with light and dark Caramel, Creams and Denim. If you dig those warmer tones this fun earthy tone is sure to provide a little warmth to any winter day. 

Raindrops Gel Polish at Le Reve Spa
Looking for a cooler vibe this winter? Chill out with a bright ocean blue like our Raindrops gel polish. This phenomenal shade is sure to add a wonderful pop of color to any winter ensemble. 

Want to provide another unique twist to your gel manicure? Le Reve also offers a Matte Top Coat finish to transform any colour you chose into its own look of the season. Spruce up any manicure gel colour by creating a matte top coat or French Polish Finish to any manicure. 

You'll enjoy a full manicure soaking in a soothing nail bath, to include shaping your nails, cuticle treatment of pushing and trimming if needed and an invigorating hand massage with our organic cold pressed Coconut Oil all while unwinding in our relaxing Organic Spa atmosphere. 

Want Gel Polish for your toes? Le Reve also offers Gel Pedicures!

Come in and see me, Regina, and I'll tailor a manicure for your needs. I'm here Thursday through Sunday and available for special occasions. Book with Regina!

We are located in the corridor next to DAngelo Bakery and Fit Buddha so stop in and see us.

For more information about our spa services and products feel free to stop by the spa, visit our website or give us a call (805)564-2977. We are open seven days a week 10am-7pm!