Eminence Sunscreen

Eminence Sunscreen

Don't waste your summer indoors because you got sunburnt. Step out of your house while being protected from the suns harsh rays with our yummy Eminence Sunscreen! We offer three different sunscreens from this brand, leaving you with the choice to choose one or combine them all for your ultimate protection. These options are perfect if you're looking for an organic sunscreen that smells wonderful while protecting you from the sun. Our Tropical Vanilla Body Sunscreen is used for the whole body while the Tropical Vanilla Day Cream is meant more for the face. They both smell like amazing vanilla which helps soothe and moisturize the skin when combined with the shea butter. Of course the sunscreen also includes the Zinc Oxide which protects from the UVA/UVB rays and Ethylhexl Methoxycinnamate which is a clear liquid compound that absorbs UVB light as well with an SPF of 32.

"I play a lot of beach volleyball so I am in the sun a lot and have fair skin. Whether it's super hot or overcast out, I use the Tropical Vanilla Day Cream. This sunscreen is not like anything I have ever used before. Usually my face sunscreens leave my face oily and clog my pores which makes me not want to even wear sunscreen. I love this product because in addition to it smelling good and protecting me from the sun, I can put it on under my makeup because it is so lightweight and leaves my skin hydrated, not oily." -Shannon

Tomato Day Cream

I know what you might be thinking..."tomato? in a sunscreen?", but don't worry this sunscreen does not smell anything like tomatoes! This sunscreen has tomato which does fill it with antioxidants, aloe vera which soothes and refreshes, and an appealing orange oil which softens and nourishes the skin. It is also filled with micronized zinc oxide which provides UVA/UVB protection while the BioComplex reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves the appearance of skin.

Come get your Eminence sunscreen at Le Reve’s online store or stop in. Le Reve is located in the beautiful downtown area. Directions to our organic boutique.  

 Spa Coordinator, Shannon


Summer Solstice Special

Summer Solstice Savings Special

Celebrate the day with our Summer Solstice Savings at Le Reve Spa in Santa Barbara
Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. We as a community come together every year to celebrate solstice in Santa Barbara style. Come celebrate with with us at Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique in Santa Barbara California and enjoy our Summer Solstice Savings on EVERYTHING!  We are offering 20% OFF everything in our organic boutique this weekend. Stop by to check out the goodies on hand by Eminence, Jurlique, Clarisonic, Be Love La Bella Donna, and more!

Stop by after this years Summer Solstice Parade in downtown Santa Barbara!

Summer Solstice Savings Special

Friday, June 23rd - Sunday, June 25th 2017
10 am  -  7 pm

Summer Solstice Savings Special on Fashion

Check just a few of my favorite Summer Solstice Savings fashion picks available this weekend at Le Reve!

Le Reve has Maxi Sun Dresses, tank tops and T-shirts, infinity scarves, sandals, jewelry, and more on sale for our summer solstice special this Friday through Sunday . Don't miss out. Hurry in to take advantage of this years Summer Solstice Savings special this weekend at Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique.  

See you at the spa!

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Bikini Wax

Bikini Wax

When it comes to Bikini Waxes stick to the professionals at Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique in Santa Barbara. 

     Who wants to enter summer with razor bumps?  Not me!!! 

     Why worry about shaving when you can be worrying about what your next summer plan will be?

Call 805-564-2977 or go online at to schedule your next waxing appointment. We offer a warm wax that is delicately applied to your skin and hardens before being gently pulled

Le Reve Bikini Waxing

Skinny Bikini $30
Skinnier Bikini $40
Skinniest Bikini $50

     Whether you are booking a skinny to rock those boy shorts,
a skinnier to strut those adorable bikini bottoms,
or a skinniest to pull off that barely-there bikini look
remember to stick with the professionals at Le Reve!

Book your bikini wax at Le Reve’s online store or stop in. Le Reve is located in the beautiful downtown area. Directions to our organic boutique


 Spa Coordinator, Shannon



Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist

Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist

Although the weather is beautiful here in Santa Barbara, the sun can leave our skin dry. Stop by Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique to purchase our Lavender Hydrating Mist by Jurlique! This product will feel so good and light as you mist it over your face, leaving you with soft and hydrated skin while you're relaxed from the lavender aroma. You can either mist directly onto your face or into your hands to apply more directly. The Lavender Hydrating Mist is great to use on the go or in the comfort of your home. Convenient to take and refresh on your travels as well since it is a perfect 3.3 fl oz. Can be applied on a bare face or will full coverage makeup, either way you will still have a relaxing experience.

"I walk to work so I am often exhausted by the time I get there. I love coming in and spraying this mist all over my face because it helps me relax and be in the moment. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs a little extra hydration in their daily regimen or someone who wants to destress. Relaxation is only a few mists away." -Shan

Purchase your Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist at Le Reve’s online store or stop in. Le Reve is located in the beautiful downtown area. Directions to our organic boutique
 Spa Coordinator, Shannon