Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil

Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil

Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil - lerevespaJurlique Skin Balancing Oil available at Le Reve Organic Spa and Boutique

The Balancing Face Oil helps to hydrate smooth, and protect skin from environmental aggressors. As a result, this treatment is applied in our facials here to better protect your skin following extractions. In addition, it is great at helping to further break down any residual impurities deep within the pore contributing to helping to minimize pore size. And who doesn't want to shrink their pores? I know I do! I absolutely love how it leaves my skin smooth and looking and feeling like porcelain. However, the Balancing Face Oil benefits more than just my skin type...

Anti Aging Skin

The natural emollients help to hydrate and improve moisture retention contributing to the restoration of the skins elasticity and suppleness. In Addition, Vitamin E(tocopherol) helps to protect against environmental aggressors which can contribute to premature aging.

Dehydrated Skin

This deeply moisturizing treatment oil is rich in precious plant oils and high performance natural emollients, like Safflower, Avocado, and Macadamia oils along with Shea Butter. These heavy emollients help to address visible signs of dryness and uneven skin texture. This magnificent blend helps to leave skin smooth, silky, and feeling hydrated. Most importantly, it leaves your skin looking radiant!

Acneic Skin

Similarly, while this fantastic oil is super hydrating, it is also one of our most amazing hero products when it comes to acneic skin. I know, I know... when you are battling acne the last thing you may feel like doing is applying an oil to already oily skin. Well, I am here to tell you why you should. Acne caused by the over production of sebum is controlled with regular use of the Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil. This oils lovely ability to mimic your skin's natural sebum helps in curbing this over production of oil. Consequently, the skin recognizes that it is hydrated and ceases to produce excessive amounts of your own oil. Over the years I have seen the benefits of this first hand for many of my clients to trusted in the science of this treatment and braved applying oil to their skin. The results speak for themselves.

Unbalanced Skin

It is great for unbalanced skin too as it naturally hydrates dry skin and treats excessively oily skin at the same time. Therefore treating unbalanced skin on a regular basis tackles both concerns and helps to even tone all the while protecting your skin from environmental pollutants.

How to use this product

The Jurlique Skin Balancing Oil can be used both morning or night. Hence, simply dispense two to three drops onto your fingertips and then gently press into your face, neck, and decolletage until properly absorbed as needed.

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Eminence Organic Blueberry Night Cream

Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream

Love blueberries? Indulge your senses with this Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream. Blueberries are high in antioxidants, feeding your skin and leaving you with glowing, radiant skin by morning. This night recovery cream doesn't just smell and look fabulous, it is great for those with normal to mature, dry or dehydrated skin.

Some key ingredients include blueberry juice which helps clean deep into your pores while also toning and tightening them. Soy reduces the appearance of wrinkles while raspberry and bramble juice are high in vitamins, leaving your skin nourished.

"I tested this product out and added it to my night time skin regimen. I freaking love it! The fact that I want to eat this product makes me feel good about putting it on my face. I saw results after just 1-2 uses. I had beautiful, glowing skin by morning and my face was SO soft!!! Highly recommend.

" -Shannon

Feel safe when treating your skin by knowing this product is all organic and you will notice results fast!

Purchase your Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream at Le Reve's online store, call, or stop in. Le Reve is located in the beautiful downtown area. Directions to our organic boutique




Self-Care for the New Year  

The New year is here and self-care is ever so important! Let's start off strong by making some great memories and even better choices. Each new year we all have our resolutions to help us reach our goals and break boundaries. It is important to recognize that a lot of hard work comes with those big dreams and in order to keep going at a healthy pace, self-care has to be a top priority

Self-care, although important, can often take a back seat to the many daily priorities like work, school, chores, and quite honestly, life itself. So setting aside proper time for yourself can help keep the stress at bay and the worries away. You may be wondering how exactly you can take the load off. Well never fear that is why we are here! 

There are plenty of ways to help melt away the stress of your daily life here at Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique. Experience true skin revitalization and glow with our Le Reve Facial. Wind down and release tension with a healing Stone Massage. Even pamper yourself with a Le Reve Manicure and Pedicure. Or go for gold and have it all with our Le Reve Signature Package, the ultimate self-care combination.

Services are available to be booked online, in store and by phone. Oh decisions..decisions. Now there are no excuses! Don't wait. Take control of your year now, while its still early, and give your body the gift of care its been missing!

A little reminder of the order of things : Thinnest to Thickest
Cleanse - Mask - Hydrating Mist - Serum - Moisturizer/SPF



Happy New Years!

Happy New Year!

It has been a wonderful year full of wellness! From facials and massages to mani pedis and endless spa parties we have had an amazing 2018 with all of you. We can't wait to to have everyone back in here at the spa and boutique in 2019. 

Woo 2019! Can you believe it's here already? We sure can't. What are your skin care or wellness resolutions? Let us know on Twitter @LeReveSpa or Instagram @lerevespa with the hashtag #wellnessresolution2019! 

Here are some of Le Reve Staff's resolutions!

Spa Coordinator Mystic 
"This year I would like to spend as much time as I do on skin care on mental care. A healthy happy mind is just as important, if not more important!"

Massage Therapist Ash
"My skincare/wellness resolution is to sweat every day and remember to moisturize my face!"

Massage Therapist Adrienne
"I'll be taking on a weekly masque!"

Spa Coordinator Arlinda
"Of course! Consistency is key! Something I need to work on is adding a mask to my regimen!"

Esthetician Danielle
"I hope to keep helping everyone accomplish their skin care goals the way I have and concentrate on school as much as possible!"

No matter how big or small your resolution is we'll support it here at Le Reve. Come in for your next spa service soon and start the new year off right. Have safe and happy New Year reveurs!
We are wishing you all an abundance of wellness!

With Kindness,
Spa Coordinator Mystic

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